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Organizing Chapters of Change Vanguard in Secondary Schools across Nigeria and training them on positive attitude.


1. Preamble

• We are aware that bad attitude is the bane of every society.

• Have you noticed the increasing cases of deviant behaviours and bad attitude in our work places, Educational Institutions, Government and even in our homes?

• Do you know that no school or institutions offers a course or subject on attitudinal change?

• Do you know that the current unemployment problem in the country can be solved with a change in attitude?

• And do you know that the much talked about change can only be achieved when you and I make conscious effort to change our bad attitude for the better?

In the light of this, the Institute of Attitudinal Change Managers Social Campaign Division has commenced a process of constituting Change Vanguard in schools, organisation etc that will serve as ‘Change Agents’ as well as endearing both the old and the new generations the virtue of positive attitude in our organisations, schools and society, which is fast being eroded or seen as unrewarding

2. About the Institute

The Institute of Attitudinal Change Managers was duly approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Federal Ministry of Justice under the company and Allied Matters Act 1990, in February 2014 and commenced operations in May 2014.

The Institute which is currently based in Benin-City is gradually spreading to other states of the federation.

The Institute was established with the aim of making a subject out of Attitude Change and to professionalize Attitudinal Change management.

It seeks to train a crop of Attitudinal Change Managers and Change Vanguards who would serve as professionals and agents respectively in our Educational Institutions, Government and the nation at large

3. What is change?
Change is the act of making something different from what it is or what it should be..

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4. What is vanguard?
Vanguard refers to group of people who are the leaders of an action or movement in the society

5. What is change vanguard
• These are group of people who are leaders of Change and are out to make a difference in their schools, organisation, and society at large positively.
• A group of persons that encourage people to change their bad behaviour and attitude.
• Group of persons who know and understand the forces that facilitates or hinder change
• Change Vanguards plan, build, support, and partner with others to create change.

6. Areas Change is Needed

There are so many areas changes are needed in schools and in the society. Below are few of them;

• Examination malpractices

• Disobedience and disrespect to parents and teachers

• Poor reading habits

• Disobeying schools rules and regulations

• Cutting corners i.e.( getting rich quick)

• Rape

• Cultism

• Smoking and drinking of alcohol

• Stealing, bullying and laziness etc.

7. How to become a Change Vanguard
The process involves;
• Indicate interest by completing the registration form
• Get properly documented
• Undergo Change vanguard Orientation
• Participate in our bi-monthly (every two weeks) meeting/ training by Change professionals 

8. Activities

For a permanent change in attitude, Change Vanguard will from time to time organise events/activities that will inculcate positive attitude in their lives.

Such activities will involve:

• Quiz comp

• Training workshop

• Leadership and Mentorship training

• Change Vanguard holiday camp meeting

• Learning of life skills

• Excursions to Government establishment and corporate organisations to instil national consciousness

9. Benefits of Being a Change Vanguard
• It earns you respect from your colleague and others.
• It helps you build a positive mindset
• It equips you with leadership skills
• It distinguishes you from your peers
• You become a role model for others to emulate
• It makes your parent, teachers, peers, and family to be proud of you
• It makes you a Change Agent


10. Codes of conducts for Members
I. Refrain from actions and behaviours that show disrespect for elders, parents, school authority and colleagues.
II. Avoid the use of foul/abusive languages at all time.
III. You must not belong to any cult group
IV. Imbibe the habit of punctuality
V. You must not steal or be engaged in fraudulent practices
VI. You must not dress indecently. Set good example by dressing neatly and responsibly at all times
VII. You must attend and participate in all scheduled programmes as required by the Change Vanguard Chapter of your school.
VIII. You must refrain from telling lies and other crooked activities
IX. You must not be involved in examination malpractices
X. You must not be involved in fighting.
XI. You must not be involved in the use/abuse of hard drugs/substances and alcohol.
XII. You must always participate in school programmes that will develop you mentally and physically.
XIII. You must imbibe the spirit of humility, honesty and truthfulness.
XIV. You must abide by the rules and regulations of your school, community and the Nigerian society at large.