IACM seeks to train a crop of Attitudinal Change Managers and Change Vanguards who would serve as professionals and agents respectively in our Educational Institutions, Government and the nation at large


The Institute of Attitudinal Change Managers was established in February 2014 under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1999 and duly approved by the Federal Ministry of Education. The Institutes head quarter is currently in Benin City Edo State. It commenced operations in May 2014.

The Institute is a professional and Research body with the aim of making a subject out of attitudinal change and to professional Attitudinal Change Management. It seeks to promote the study and adoption of scientific method of producing a generation of Managers who are well equipped in character and change management.


The moral decadence in our society has assumed a worrisome dimension. Anti-social behaviour such as armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism, large scale fraud, sexual harassment, examination malpractices, 419, internet fraud, and general state of lawlessness are on the increase. The situation gets worse by the day. According to Peter Drucker ‘‘we are caught in our web’’ Except something is done fast we may slide further downhill. Development cannot thrive in a state of such anarchy. 

Institutions of higher learning are the vanguards of building educated mind with skills and character. However, the aspect of character appears not being emphasized these days. The consequences are what we are seeing today.


The objectives of the Institute are:
• To institutionalize positive attitudes in all aspects of our society through seminars, workshop and conferences.
• To train people on positive behavioural attitude.
• To certify beneficiaries through issuance of certificates as Attitudinal Change Managers.
• To promote the inculcation of high moral, ethical and positive attitude among Nigerians and other Nationals.
• To serve as a Research Institute for the development of positive behavioural pattern in the work place and the society and publish the outcome for the benefit of the society. • To serve as a Research Institute for the development of positive behavioural pattern in the work place and the society and publish the outcome for the benefit of the society. 


There is no doubt that every facet of our national life has challenges or issues as a result of attitudinal problems. For instance, it is sad to observe that our values have been sacrificed on the altar of globalization. Globalization is good as a window through which we can easily view what is happening in other places around the world. We can copy what we believe is good and can help us to be better persons and a better nation.

However, a situation where people copy blindly more of negative attributes from other places at the expense of our cherished values is one area that requires attitudinal change.

We should understand that the developed world we copy hook, line and sinker in virtually everything will only make us a laughing stock. Not every aspect of western/developed nation’s lifestyle is good. We must learn to copy only what is good. Have you noticed the way our youth almost dress naked in the name of civilization or fashion. This certainly is not our value. The negative aspect of globalization must be rejected through attitudinal change management and campaign.

We are people of cherished values, this we must pursue and uphold.

Our Mission

To bring about a positive social change through value re-orientation

Our Vision

To be the foremost professional body that trains Managers across every profession who can effectively boost productivity and affect the society positively through attitudinal change and value re-orientation.

Core Values

• Professionalism
• Commitment and dedication
• Honesty and transparency
• Entrepreneurial spirit.
• Team spirit.
• Quality and standard.
• Persistence.